This is a difficult time for most but Covid 19 is our wakeup call.When we are losing thousands of lives each day we need to declare War.We have already lost almost as many lives as the Vietnam war in only a few weeks.If we would have funded a lot more research we could be further ahead of this virus.With Crispr we have the technology to find a solution.We should have many more projects being researched each year if we want to just keep up with other countries progress.We are not all created equal.Depending on your family genome history you may or may not be immune to Covid 19 or AIDS or Ebola.Some people are if you have the right Genes.Do you know what your genome says about your health history? Help us launch this Crisprcoin project so we can fund much more research and win this War.Then we can move on to ALS,Cancer,Parkinsons and all the other disease that is lying in wait as we age.