Who benefits from investing in Crisprcoin

CRISPR Bracelet

Most people are distrustful when asked to donate because of the non stop scams that are presented to us on a daily basis.  We at Crispr Science will eventually file for non profit status.Because of the expense and length of time it takes, it is not the first order of business.  Regardless if it is my money or your money that is put towards the project it will be spent in this order.

1. I believe that launching Crisprcoin will be the fastest method to the most capital to start funding Crispr cas9 research. Projected costs are $500,000 and up as the cost to place the crypto-currency on a trading platform is rising monthly.

2. Once capital is coming in from Crisprcoin, profits and donations will then be obligated to starting our own Lab to offer free Genome sequencing to as many as we can afford, to speed up discovery of new cures for the litany of diseases than plague mankind due to the defective genes we received at birth.  The good news here is that Genome testing lab equipment is getting much less expensive each year.

3.Put your mind at ease, I have no desire to become a billionaire.  My main goal is to make Genetic cures available to everyone.  The first cure was just approved by the FDA but was developed by a company that has to have $450,000 for that cure.  They do offer a guarantee to anyone who can afford it.  How would you feel if a cure was available for your misery but it was financially out of reach.  It would make me sick - er.



Solutions take time and research.  Funding is consistently needed to find solutions, to find cures.  CRISPR can be that solution.  Help us make this happen.  It starts with one coin at a time.  You CAN effect change!



Crisprcoin is an opportunity to change people’s lives and change medicine.

Crisprcoin is the future. The newest cryptocurency is not just about money, it’s about funding research to find cures for diseases that up until now have been incurable.  The initial offering of Crispercoin will begin as soon as we raise enough funding for proper security to launch. 

Raising money through Crisprcoin funding will speed up active research in Genome editing so that lives can be saved and future diseases eliminated. Rewrite the code of life by donating to Crisprcoin today!



When you make a donation to help fund the additional research for CRISPR - we will send you a unique support bracelet.  Feel proud that you are supporting the next generation of science that is on course to find solutions to life threatening diseases.