What is CRISPR?

In simple terms it allows science to isolate a part of our DNA that will cause a catastrophic disease and remove it from our DNA.
This discovery is more important than any drug, medical device, vaccination or surgical procedure combined that has been discovered to date. We are now at a place in history were we can remove most diseases like Cancer, ALS, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Addiction and many many more ailments that have plagued mankind since the dawn of creation.

CRISPR is the " Future of Medicine". Millions of lives can be saved if we can declare war on these diseases and speed up the process of more clinical trials. This is why we need funding to advance the cure. Many are borrowing money, creating bond funds and begging donors for the funding needed to advance this discovery. The future of Crispr technology is forecast to be in the billions of dollars in the coming years.

We at Crisprcoin are working feverishly to launch this cryptocurrency project were we will fund many institutions working with crispr technology to speed up the process of a cure for every known disease and save millions of lives. With CRISPR the impossible is now possible.

How it Works

CRISPR, which stands for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats,” is a DNA sequence found in bacteria. The discovery of CRISPR dates back to the 1980s, when researchers at Osaka University sequenced the genomes of common bacteria. They found the repeating DNA sequences in many species but did not know its biological purpose.

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