Recently, the biggest discovery in the history of mankind took place and most still have not heard about it.  It is called CRISPR or CRISPR CAS9.

The CRISPR-Cas9 system consists of two key molecules that introduce a change (mutation?) into the DNA ... an enzyme? called Cas9. This acts as a pair of 'molecular scissors' that can cut the two strands of DNA at a specific location in the genome so that bits of DNA can then be added or removed. In essence we now can Rewrite the Code of Life. We now have a 100% ability to cure most diseases caused by the Genetic Lottery which we all received randomly at birth.

What is needed at this time is Funding to speed up research and testing to get the process's to become fail-safe and to get approvals for procedures to take place. A number of ventures have started to raise capital by borrowing millions from banks or venture capitalists or issuing bonds to raise this needed capital. My concept is to issue a crypto currency "Crisprcoin" to raise needed funding. If we can get millions of people behind my project we don't have to claim that Millions of dollars were spent for R&D and that is why we have to charge so much for someone that is very ill to SURVIVE.The Great comedian,Jerry Lewis raised $2.4 Billion to help fund research searching for a cure for Muscular Dystrophy .However that was over a 46 year timeframe.With Crispr we now have that technology that was not available to Jerry.Our concept is to use Crisprcoin ( a cryptocurrency ) to speed up the funding process.If everyone got behind Crisprcoin it could become the largest source for funding medical research.Another cryptocurrency,Ethereum was valued at $25 Billion after 3 short years.

I have a personal interest in CRISPR being 67 years old all my decisions are based on my expected longevity. In recent years a number of friends have died from genetic diseases like ALS and Leukemia. My fellow Band mate " Randy Rock Star Miller " ( RIP) was playing a gig one evening and kept dropping his guitar pick.

During the Break I went over and said what is going on.He replied that " He couldn't hold on to his pick and had dropped it numerous times over the past few songs" .A trip to the doctor found that a "Land Mine" had been laid in his DNA and had come down with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Within a year he had shrunk from around 250 pounds to nothing and died.Another Band mate who worked out every day,jogged,biked and never did drugs or alcohol and was very astute in staying healthy just had a Heart attack at 65 years old.two weeks ago Cindy was laid to rest at 62 from Ovarian Cancer.

A World War II vet just died at 112 years old.He was a Black man who professed to drinking whiskey in his coffee every morning and smoking cigars daily. We can only account for this with genetics. My family has also had many bouts with pharmaceutical drug interactions. My Father almost died from a reaction to penicillin.I have 5 sisters and 3 were diagnosed with Hepatitis and none were in a High Risk group ( now believed to be a genetic issue). My youngest sister had it the worst with "Hep C". A doctor said it was genetic.She has spent many years now trying New Experimental Drugs that each cost Hundreds of Thousands of dollars to no avail. Finally one came on the market which did help but by now her liver was so damaged that she is a physical wreck and can barely function.Her doctor said her hepatitis C is gone but she is sicker than ever.

With CRISPR we may be only a few years away from being able to have saved their lives.Many are dying every day from these curable diseases. How many of us are affected by "addiction" issues? I have always asked how can I use a drug or alcohol and it has very little effect on me but others around me are almost instantly addicted. 70,000 people died last year from addiction related causes. 80-90% of current conventional therapy have been a failure. Scientists have isolated a Gene that can be removed from our DNA to CURE addiction. It is just a matter of time. If we can speed up the research it can save hundreds of thousands of lives per year.

Many in the field of Genetic research predict that we can easily live to 150 years with this new Discovery and in much better health than ever before.Help us speed up the process of saving lives.One could be your own. Many don't know what is lurking in their DNA. In two short years scientists have made amazing advances using Crispr. According to the CDC Genetic mutations account for 6% of birth defects costing Billions of dollars and untold physical stress on parents.Then you have the "Land Mine" genetic mutations that are lying in wait at later ages to strike us down.

All this can 100% be remidied with CRISPR cas9.

Scientists successfully used gene editing to completely extract HIV from a living organism, with repeated success across three different animal models. In addition to the complete removal of the virus DNA, the team also prevented the progress of acute latent infection.

The CRISPR method successfully targeted the “command center” of cancer — called the hybrid fusion — which leads to abnormal tumor growths. A “cut-and-paste” method allowed the creation of a cancer-annihilating gene that shrinks tumors in mice carrying human prostate and liver cancer cells. Scientists also slowed the growth of cancerous cells, by targeting Tudor-SN, a key protein in cell division. It’s expected that this technique could also slow the growth of fast-growing cells.

Gene editing techniques have also made super bugs kill themselves. By adding antibiotic resistant gene sequences into bacteriophage viruses, self-destructive mechanisms are triggered which protect bacteria.Using CRISPR, researchers have edited out Huntington’s disease from mice, pushing the symptomatic progression of the condition into reverse. Experts expect this promising technique to be applied to humans in the near future. These are only a few of the advances. On a minor note, I'm confident that Crispr will solve the baldness problem many inherit and spend $2 Billion per year trying to remedy.

Help us advance the cure. I want to "Declare a War" on genetic mutations that will save millions of lives, much better health for all and cut the Billions of dollars that it costs our economy each year. The simple solution is to get behind this movement with your dollars to speed up the discovery of cures for each Gene mutation.

 Every day we hear on the news about a Celebrity or their children becoming a statistic to Gene mutation. What we don't hear about are the millions of common people affected. We have reached a new ERA, not only in the way we think about medicine, but in the way we view the whole world, energy, farming, water, health and our oceans. We are also in direct competition with China, Russia and other countries who are actually pulling ahead of the United States in Tech Dominance. 5G is coming online shortly, artificial intelligence, self driving cars, Blockchain technology and SpaceX is landing it's rockets back on earth to be reused over again. They expect to send manned spacecraft within 1 year to the space station and within 2 years to Mars. Everthing we know will be moving at a faster rate of discovery in the coming 10 years.  We have the knowledge now, just lacking the proper funding to move at lightning speed to cure mankind.